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I am retired and now find myself in the envious position of being able to pursue my many hobbies and interests at will. My principle hobby, photography, has played a large part in my life for some 30 years. In the analog era I spent many enjoyable hours in my home darkroom. That experience has, I believe, been of great benefit to me in the digital era. I particularly enjoy creating images which have a minimalist fine art character to them . While I do occasionally create colour images, monochrome images now account for the majority of my work.


  • Black & white spider awards 2017: Honourable mention, fine arts category 'Morning Flight'

  • Black & white spider awards 2017: Winner nomination, architecture category 'Piazzo San Marco'

  • Black & White spider awards 2018: Winner nomination, Architecture category ‘Overpass’


Camerapixo issue 18: Special Guest Spot featuring 17 images

  • Extraordinary Vision Magazine issue 50: article 'seeking serenity in simplicity' - 20 images

  • Digital Photo magazine: gallery feature -3 images

  • Digital photo art magazine: featured portfolio -6 images

  • Camerapixo We Inspire magazine volume 18: Special Guest feature -16 images

  • Long Exposure Magazine: Interview - 10 images from venice

  • Eye Photo Magazine: - Photo Review section - 11 images from City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia